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Pumpkin Contest

Happy Tuesday to you all!  What are your cooking plans today?  I am actually making a new gourmet nut bar which will have an array of nuts,  Greek yogurt as the base,  blueberries,  and more.  What do you think?? We need your help!! My boyfriend entered his pumpkin in a Contest online and he is in second place now.  If you could be so kind to vote for his pumpkin,  simply click on the link below and it will direct you to his pumpkin photo.  We call it the pumpkin… Read more Pumpkin Contest

Happy April Fools Day!

Is the joke going to be on me today or on you???? Happy April Fools Day Everyone!! What fun jokes are you going to be playing on your family and friends?? I want to hear some good ones. Today is not only April Fools, but my boyfriend’s birthday. 🙂 🙂  Happy Birthday!!!!!!!  Check out this April Fools’ Lasagna recipe… I wish everyone a fun and safe day and I will see you all tomorrow right here on Kouzounas Kitchen for Featured Recipe Thursday!!!          

Greek Food For Thought: Greek Yogurt

1 cup of Greek yogurt can deliver as much protein as eating meat. Greek yogurt has double the protein then most regular yogurts.  Grab yourself a Greek yogurt today and enjoy the health benefits it offers.  🙂

Happy Greek Independence Day!!

Happy Greek Independence Day!! Today is an important day for Greeks. Today is the day to celebrate the Greek War Of Independence. Greece was ruled under the Ottoman Empire since 1453.  This war was a successful war of independence by the Greek revolutionaries between 1821 and 1832. In celebration of this day, towns and villages throughout Greece hold a parade during which many people march in traditional costume and carry the Greek flags.  Check out this link below for more information.  

Another Sunshine Award!!

Sunday is one of my favorite days!! We are having beautiful weather in California, and I just got home from wedding shopping with my little sister, the bride to be. 🙂 Good news, she found the right dress. 🙂   On another note, Kouzounas Kitchen received another Sunshine Award by the lovely Erin over at Thank you very much Erin for nominating us for this great award, and we are looking forward to following many many great recipes of yours. Check out her questions/answers on the Sunshine Award.   Sunshine… Read more Another Sunshine Award!!

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