Do you think fairs should have healthy food options?

Okay I have been wanting to ask this to you viewers. What do you think about fair food and do you think that there should be a healthy menu option? I don’t personally like to eat fattening foods and since I’m away for 2 weeks working I want to watch what I eat. So, I tried the “Greek” food here and it was no bueno.

What fairs have you been to and what healthy food options have you seen?

Happy Thursday!!



  1. Should they? Sure, if they want to increase the number of people they cater to and the amount of money they have coming in. Should they be required by law like the fast food industry? No. Personally I like to splurge once or twice a year at the fair, this year (don’t tell the doctor) I went with the donut burger and deep fried butter. Both were AWESOME!

    • Hi,
      Thank you for your feedback. I agree with you, every once in a while it’s great to splurge but if you do that more then once, it might be hard on your body. Donut burger?? Wow sounds interesting. Deep fried butter huh? Pictures??

  2. Fairs are one of those places where the food is expected to be mean and fast. In saying that, there’s been a big move towards food trucks over here and they frequent fairs. The do all sorts of gourmet delights and one of them is even vegetarian!

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