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  I love Buzz Feed! They have the best quotes. 🙂  

Fresh OJ Anyone?

Orange is the topic for Saturday’s Food For Thought. When I was living in Greece I tried fresh orange juice over there and fell in love. To this day, I will never drink orange juice from the store unless it is freshly squeezed orange juice. I can definitely taste the difference from the juice container vs freshly squeezed. Saturday’s Food For Thought- Oranges Benefits of oranges: Drinking at least two glasses of orange juice a day increases your vitamin c.  Protects against inflammation.  Orange juice helps improve the blood pressure.… Read more Fresh OJ Anyone?

Tuesday humor.

Thursday, woo hoo!

Today I have a special Featured Thursday recipe & a new recipe from us! Stay tuned in today for those updates.

True true

I agree to this quote!! Agreed?? 🙂 Happy Saturday Folks!!

I had to share this with everyone..

Just for some laughs, I feel like this looks just like my boyfriend and I in this picture below. He loves bacon, and I thought this was hilarious when I made this last year.

Happy Sunday!

Happy Sunday to everyone! What are you cooking today?

Sleepy Time..

Wishing everyone a great evening in Cali and anywhere else in the world, good morning, day , or night! 🙂 Beautiful food art right??

Father’s Day Brunch

I hope you all enjoyed Father’s Day and with your family. 🙂 I made my family this brunch today because one of my dad’s favorite breakfast meals is, EGGS BENEDICT!  *… Read more Father’s Day Brunch

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