Fresh OJ Anyone?

Orange is the topic for Saturday’s Food For Thought.

When I was living in Greece I tried fresh orange juice over there and fell in love. To this day, I will never drink orange juice from the store unless it is freshly squeezed orange juice. I can definitely taste the difference from the juice container vs freshly squeezed.

Saturday’s Food For Thought- Oranges

Benefits of oranges:

  • Drinking at least two glasses of orange juice a day increases your vitamin c. 
  • Protects against inflammation. 
  • Orange juice helps improve the blood pressure. Orange juice contains hesperidin, a healthy water soluble plant pigment. Hesperidin helps improve the small blood vessels.
  • Oranges decrease the bad cholesterol levels.




*Happy Happy Birthday To My Dad!! We Love You!!!

I am sure he will be enjoying his birthday with the baklava I made him. 🙂



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