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Olive Oil Benefits!

I always cook with this wonderful ingredient, but how beneficial is it? Read below for great properties and benefits of olive oil. I found this picture from a friend on my Facebook. Thank you Anna for sharing this. If you would like to discover a new WordPress food blog, check out Anna’s Culinary Odyssey at: Thank you to Trofos for sharing this great picture! Olive Oil Properties: Obesity Type 2 Diabetes Heart Health  Keep Bones Healthy Depression Colon Cancer Skin Cancer Blood Pressure Relieving Ear Ache Damaged/ Dry Hair… Read more Olive Oil Benefits!


I am wishing everyone a lovely weekend, and a happy Saturday! What are your Saturday plans? Today I went grocery shopping with one of my food buddies, and we discovered some new chocolate at Whole Foods. I love Whole Foods, but they are too darn pricey! I do recommend their semi sweet chocolate chips. I am planning Valentine’s Day for my Etsy Shop, and soon you will see some yummy truffles. I haven’t revealed the kinds yet, but nutella is involved! 🙂 Saturday’s Food For Thought: Egg Whites Egg whites have… Read more SATURDAY’S FOOD FOR THOUGHT: EGG WHITES

One Of The Top Spices In The World

Saturday’s Food For Thought is one of the top spices used world-wide.  Saturday’s Food For Thought Cinnamon Did You Know??? Since spices no longer contain water, spices and herbs offer… Read more One Of The Top Spices In The World

Saturday’s Food For Thought: Beets

Saturday’s Food For Thought: Beets Beets are small herbaceous plants with broad dark-green leaves. Its underground taproot matures in 50-60 days of sowing and weighs about 100 to 150 g. If… Read more Saturday’s Food For Thought: Beets

~Health Benefits Of Persimmons~

Well hello Saturday!! Saturday’s Food For Thought: Persimmons Did you know that persimmons are known as the “Divine Fruit”?? Persimmons usually come in a orange color, but closely share a resemblance with a tomato. This lovely fruit is known to grow in the Autumn and Winter months. Health Benefits: This fruit is very low in calories. Offers plenty of antioxidants. This fruit is enriched with fibers. Good for Diabetics! Known to regulate the level of sugar in blood. Persimmons help fight against cancer. Contains Vitamin A, shibuol, and betulinic acids.… Read more ~Health Benefits Of Persimmons~

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