The benefits of Cooking with Lavender

I was helping my parents with some ideas of possibly creating a new product that combines lavender and my food blog. We came up with some great ideas but I wanted to share with you all the benefits and properties of cooking with lavender. 




lavender being a flower is also a edible herb. You can use lavender to bake with or even add to your favorite sauces. I found that you really have to add just a little bit so you don’t over power your recipes. 

Did you know that lavender can give you a good amount of vitamin A..? Yes it is true, the vitamin A in lavender helps prevent against cataracts, dry eyes,and eye infections.


Lavender also contains Calcium, and Iron. Would you ever know that this beautiful flower has all of these properties. 

Why not try a recipe with lavender. I have posted a recipe here on Kouzounas Kitchen and there are more to come. 🙂 


Cheers- I hope you enjoyed this article.


* Tip of the day- consume 8 to 11 grams of lavender a day to get these amazing properties. Image


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