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Summertime Sadness

This song is always in my head now!! I love it, that is why I am attaching this song to tonight’s post. 🙂 How about some healthy food tonight?!! My family loves baked or fried squash. We call it, κολοκυθάκια τηγανητά!! Here is this super easy recipe for fried squash. κολοκυθάκια τηγανητά Recipe- Ingredients: 5 medium  squash or zucchini 1 can cold soda water 1 cup flour 1 cup olive oil for frying 1 Tbsp sea salt 1 tbsp of ground pepper fresh lemon juice 1/4 cup of parmesan cheese Directions-… Read more Summertime Sadness

Happy Wednesday!!

Hope the people who are living in Sacramento are enjoying this weather as much as I am. A cool nice breeze and the weather is in the 80’s. Love it!!… Read more Happy Wednesday!!

Busy busy in the kitchen creating new recipes.

I am a little crazy cooking in this heat, but hey I love it. It is about 106 degrees in California, and we are going to hit over 111 I believe by this weekend. Hot, Hot, Hot! I hope everyone is enjoying their lovely Monday. Okay, so I was thinking of pasta and squash and this is what I came up with. Chicken & Squash with Penne Pasta Recipe Ingredients- 1 box of penne pasta- used as directed on box 4 chicken breasts 1 large squash- peeled and diced 2… Read more Busy busy in the kitchen creating new recipes.

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