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Tag: Vegetarian Recipe

Kalama-Dakos “Greek Bruschetta Rusks”

Happy Friday friends! I am getting ready for my virtual baklava cooking class coming up this Saturday! Exciting news on the virtual classes actually. I will have a full schedule… Read more Kalama-Dakos “Greek Bruschetta Rusks”

Spanakopita Style Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe

Happy Friday to you. I hope your day is going well and you are cooking up something tasty in your kitchen. In today’s post, I am sharing one of my… Read more Spanakopita Style Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe

Lemon Garlic Cilantro Hummus

Happy Thursday evening! I hope you all enjoyed your Valentine’s day. We celebrated our 6 year anniversary yesterday. Tomorrow we are headed to Lake Tahoe to try out a Greek… Read more Lemon Garlic Cilantro Hummus

Valentine’s Day Vegetarian Pizza

Hello foodie lovers! I hope you are having an amazing weekend so far. On today’s post, we are talking vegetarian pizza. We are slowly getting into fasting recipes for Greek Easter… Read more Valentine’s Day Vegetarian Pizza

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