Exploring the coast of Northern California

Kouzounas Kitchen got to escape a bit and travel for a few days… 🙂 Yes I went on vacation with my bf finally after one year we decided to treat ourselves to a nice 2 day trip. Plus it is our birthday week. Yes, I am entering my thirties in a few days. HAHAHA (Cheers to that.)




I wanted to write about the best food places we ate at. I won’t be the bad reviewer, so I will leave out one place I didn’t like. Baddddd Clam chowder…




The best eats in Monterey-


Johnny Rockets was great because across the street is the beautiful view of the ocean. Yes we ate @ Johnny Rockets. Great dessert esp the chocolate sundae.


The Fisherman’s wharf has some very awesome restaurants one including; Old Fisherman’s Grotto. 39 Old Fisherman’s Wharf, Monterey




* Please check out the maze in Cannery Row. It is a lot of fun even for adults. 🙂


* 17 Mile drive was amazing. You do have to pay a fee of 10 dollars but it is worth it. But, they do have some features closed down. (The lone Cyprus is amazing.)




Carmel & the lovely Breakfast place. We went to the lovely Carmel and enjoyed the view and had a great breakfast. I had to blog about this restaurant called:




I personally met the owner/chef, and he sat down with my boyfriend and me. He talked to us about how he started up in the food industry and his passions. I really enjoyed his company and thank him for a lovely chat and great food. I hope I get to cook with him one day. If you ever get to go to Carmel please stop by and say hi to the chef @ Friar Tucks. 


Carmel offers some lovely bakeries and coffee shops. If you are a Clint Eastwood fan, then you are in the perfect town. You might catch him from time to time walking the streets. We didn’t but hey locals say he still is around.


Santa Cruz- The home of the surfers and the boardwalk. I had to go back to this unique town and it hasn’t really changed. It’s been years since I have been, but I remember the majority of the town.


We had the best seafood at a place called, Woodies Grill & Cafe. Very good clam chowder soup and extremely suburb customer service. I spoke to one of the guys there and he was very friendly and outgoing. Please check out the link below for their menu. http://www.menuclub.com/californiarestaurantguide/santacruzrestaurants/woodiescafe-225979.php



We ended our trip by visiting Cupertino and going to the Winchester house that was closed. Very cool house and if you ever are in the area, check it out. Lots of History, & ghost stories.




I hope you enjoyed this post and I will be uploading my bf’s “professional photos here shortly”


(As for right now, you can see my photos taken by the iPhone.) LOL





*Lone Cyprus




*Monterey 17 mile drive










Carmel- Bakery. I tried to take a good photo as we walked by but it’s a bit tough to see. 



* 17 Mile Drive




*One of my favorite spots off the 17 mile drive. Reminds me of Greece in a way.









*Woody’s Grill & Coconut Shrimp & excellent clam chowder soup.




*My bf’s favorite. Burger & Fries


*Santa Cruz Boardwalk




**Santa cruz Pier




* Ahhh Apple 🙂




*Winchester House




*History on the Winchester house. We didn’t get to go inside due to it being closed. :/ 


That ends our trip. I hope you enjoyed. Questions or comments? CHEERS!



  1. I love Santa Cruz, I also adore Marin county.. Next time I head out to Cali I am going to have to visit the restless sea, I have never been before so I must go.. I love the nature shots, but the food shots are to die for… 🙂


    • Hi Savynaturalista-

      I love the ocean! Its such a beautiful scenery. Yes Santa Cruz is very nice. I love the light house out there & the surfers are awesome. You can get some amazing photos. Thx for the comments. 🙂


  2. Thanks for the comment. Yes I love Monterey, Carmel & Santa Cruz. 🙂 I remember going to these places when I was little. It brings back great memories. Please do try Friar Tucks, The chef is awesome and maybe mention me, and he might remember our visit. 🙂


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