Just curious..

I keep hearing about this Paleo Diet. Have any of you tried this diet? Does it work for you? My friend was just telling me the great news about his diet and how it works out for him. I wanted to hear everyone’s feedback on this and is it hard to follow?

If some of you are new to the Paleolithic diet like I am, click on this link below and see what it is all about.



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  2. I switched to paleo because I have an auto immune disorder that is exacerbated by gluten and grains. I lost 50 pounds and was able to stop taking medication. I definitely recommend eating like a caveman!

    • Hi Big Apple-
      WOW you lost 50 pounds??! Good for you. Sounds like paleo really worked for you. I am glad to hear the good news. Lol, the caveman diet seems to be working for everyone. I first heard about this from my friend in Greece, and he looks great. He lost weight as well, and he said he feels great too. Thank you for your feedback. Keep up the great diet!!!

  3. I know exactly what she is talking about, I don’t feel deprived and all my food cravings are gone! Especially the ones for bread! It has been about 3 weeks for me now and I can see and feel my body changing (for the better) and my diet is the only thing that has changed, exercise has remained constant! I love how I feel!

    • Thats really good! No cravings huh? Did you start this diet at 100 percent or slowly cut things out? That is great! Sounds like this diet really works. Thank you for your feedback!!

      • Cold Turkey! I cut out gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, yeast, nightshades, citrus…. more of an elimination diet. Falls into the paleo category though! I am slowly going to start adding some foods back in but I don’t think I will add gluten or dairy back in… I think that is where my issues were coming from. Good Luck and try and avoid all added sugars and go with natural foods in their whole form!

      • Wow! Good job!! I usually fast during Greek Easter or sometimes fast bread and meats. I am cutting sugars slowly and I might just have to try this diet. Thank you for all the good info. Very much appreciated. Did you do this diet to lose weight or to just maintain a healthy diet? Thx!

  4. I’ve been Paleo for over 3 years now and it’s the best thing i’ve done for my health. A lot of people start out by doing a 30 day challenge. Where they go all out Paleo for the 30 days. I have to say i haven’t seen anybody go back to their old way of eating once they’ve got through this. It is the hardest part, the first few weeks. Some will scale it back and be paleo 80% of the time, allowing themselves a treat or “cheat” meal once or twice a week.

    • Wow 3 yrs! That is awesome. Thank you very much for stopping by and giving me this info. I am just curious because today a friend asked me if I can suggest recipes for paleo dieters and I am now thinking to post some recipes just for you guys. 🙂 I should try this, as I will fast every year for Easter for about 2 1/2 months. I usually cut bread, and meat but I can try this out. What recipes do you suggest to the people on this diet? Thank you!

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