Very very happy and thankful today!!!

Happy Monday to everyone!! Let me start off by saying that I am very happy to be on WordPress. I have met a huge amount of great people and supporters for Kouzounas Kitchen. Today I was nominated an award for the VERSATILE BLOGGERS AWARD!! WOO HOOOOOO!! Thank you to Sinfully Tempting for nominating me. (Read below for the details on the award.)

Next, a huge thank you to Athina, Kicking Back The Pebbles, for supporting Kouzounas Kitchen, and featuring her recipes. Please check out her wonderful blog. I’m sure you will find her blog very intriguing. Athina did a post on Kouzounas Kitchen, and you can find that post right here.

~Moving on to the Versatile Award~

1. Post the Versatile Award Picture.


2. Share 7 things about yourself

1. My father is From Mani, Greece, and I found out that our last name, Kalapothakos, is inside a book in a museum, in Gythio.

2. My favorite Greek dish is Spanakopita, hence that is why I came up with different variations of this recipe.

3. I was lucky enough to work on the island of Skiathos, where they filmed Mama Mia. I was the sous chef at a Spanish Tapas Restaurant.

4. I am a Jack of All Trades. I am a chef of over 5 years, a hairstylist of over 11 years, and at one point in my life, I wanted to be a flight attendant, and went to the training program, and decided it wasn’t for me. (At least I made it through the 3 interview process.) haha

5. My favorite color is blue.

6. My favorite sport is soccer, and I look up to Mia Ham. I played soccer for about 10 years plus.

7. Originally born and raised in Sacramento, but I lived in Greece, Canada and Las Vegas.

3. Nominate 15 other bloggers who you feel that are worthy of this same award.

( There are soo many that I feel who should be on this list but I can only choose 15.)

1. Vittle Monster

2. Kicking Back The Pebbles

3. Putney Farm

4. The Hungry Artist

5. Mitts and Measures

6. Domestic Geek Girl

7. Andra Watkins

8. The Baking Barrister

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10. The Baking Year

11. Le Nomade

12. Donicias Thoughts

13. Ekaterina Botziou

14. Silk and Spice

15. Chocolate Panda

I have many more I would like to add to this, but Thank you to everyone once again who has helped me and Kouzounas Kitchen grow. I am very blessed to have such a huge following and to see people viewing this blog. I am sure my yiayia would be very happy to see Kouzounas Kitchen grow and succeed.


  1. Congrats again, and well deserved! By the way, Spanakopita is one of my favorite greek dishes, too! I’ll have to get around to posting the recipe I have for it on my blog one of these days. My grandmother had gotten it from a little old greek woman (probably over 60 years ago) and it’s been a huge hit in my family throughout the years. I love that there are so many different versions of it, it’s fun experimenting with new recipes!

    Again, congrats!!! 🙂

    • Thank you very much!!!! Yes, I love Spano and it is my favorite to cater here in Sacramento. Soon I will be posting my catering menu, and you can see all my top favorite Greek foods. 🙂 Glad to hear that you have a great spanakopita recipe, and yes spano is very versatile, and you can make many diff variations of this recipe.
      – Cheers and thanks again for the lovely comments.

  2. Congrats Krystina, well deserved and thanks for passing this along! I am overwhelmed {!} by all your kind words… I wish you all the best 🙂

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