The weekend is here….


Happy weekend to everyone and today is “Saturday’s Food For Thought.”

Saturday’s Food For Thought is Spinach! 

Why did I choose spinach?? Read below about spinach and the health benefits it gives to us.

  • Spinach is topped the highest rank in providing rich nutrients
  • Did you know that a single cup of spinach will give you the adequate amount of Vitamin A and Vitamin K that you need. It will also provide you with folate and magnesium.
  • Studies have shown that woman who eat spinach on a regular basis, have less chances of contracting breast cancer.
  • You will be very happy to know that spinach helps with Cardiovascular Health.
  • Spinach provides magnesium, and magnesium works towards healthy levels of blood pressure. Did you know, if you eat spinach for lunch or even a snack, it will help lower your blood pressure in a few hours?!
  • We ladies will love this… Spinach has Vitamin A in it, as explained above. Vitamin A helps promote a healthier looking skin and it helps your skin to retain moisture. With that being said, your skin will fight against aging. Oh yesss!

So why not have a spinach salad or even a spinach wrap today? It’s worth a try.


Mediterranean Spinach Wrap Recipe:


2 tortillas

1 tomato, sliced

1 cucumber, sliced

4 tablespoons of tzatziki

1 lemon

1/3 cup of spinach

salt & pepper


On a plate, take a tortilla lay it open, and spread tzatiki on it, then layer the vegetables on top. Add the seasonings and lemon juice. Roll the tortilla up like a cigar. Cut in half and enjoy. Super easy to make and a healthy snack.

Kali Orexi!








  1. I love spinach! Though I’m always miffed by the fuzzy feeling it leaves on your teeth afterwards. Is there some solution for that other than a toothbrush?


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