Baking All Day!!

I really do love what I do. I think pastry school really worked out for me in the long run, as my pastry chef days are coming back!!! Couple years ago I wanted to not only major in pastry but also study the wide range of culinary. I worked as a sous chef in Skiathos, Greece doing Spanish food, and then made my way over to the Luxor in Las Vegas as a sushi cook. If I can give any advice to cooks or chefs it would be to learn every cuisine, if you can. I really appreciated working in the Japanese and Chinese cuisine, and miss it. My knife skills became way stronger than they ever were. So I want to say thank you to my chefs who have taught me all of these amazing skills. Without you all, I wouldn’t be where I am at today. Enough of my chatting, this is what I have been up to all day and night.


Fresh Baked Croissants

Kouzounas Kitchen is selling fresh baked croissants twice a month.


We bake fresh croissants the first weekend of the month and the third weekend of the month.

( Saturday’s & Sunday’s) 

*We use the best quality organic flour, and honey in our croissants.


Flavors: Plain, Nutella, Original Chocolate, Raspberry, Cinnamon, & Almond. 

We can deliver to you, but there will be an added delivery fee to the order. Feel free to email me at for further information on pricing and such.  You can reach me on our official FB page or Twitter page as well. 

*You can now order right on Kouzounas Kitchen by clicking on the Order Form on the main home page.

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