Saturday’s Food For Thought: Blueberries

Happy weekend to you all!  What are your weekend plans??  I am staying in tonight and watching a movie with my boyfriend.  Oh did I mention I will be making some really yummy chocolate pistachio tarts?? I will share that recipe with you tomorrow. 🙂

Saturday’s Food For Thought:  Blueberries

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Sweet Facts:


  • 1  cup of blueberries only contains 80 calories.
  • Blueberries hold about 85 % of water and they help refresh and hydrate the body.
  • These berries also provide 20 % of Vitamin C per cup and more fiber than a apple.

*Blueberries are very yummy in smoothies,  over oatmeal,  in Greek yogurt parfaits and much more. Pick these yummy berries up next time you are at your local grocery store.


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