Successful Catered Event At Cork It Again Wine In Davis, CA

Thank you so very much to the wonderful Estelle at AAUW organization for thinking of Kouzounas Kitchen for catering. We were lucky enough to make a Kouzounas Kitchen Greek Platter which was filled with yummy Greek mezes & to finish the evening off with a sweet tooth, nutella fudge brownies. 🙂 🙂

I wanted to share some photos of Saturday’s event with all my friends and followers on Kouzounas Kitchen. Thank you to Cork It Again Wine for having us as their featured caterer the past few months. We look forward to more fun filled events to come.

Please check out AAUW organization at the link below. Also check out Cork It Again Wine and if you are in Davis, Ca, make sure you stop by their shop and say hi.

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*****Enjoy your Sunday and please stay tuned in for some new recipes as well as a Featured Post on the benefits of wheat grass!!



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