Kouzounas Kitchen’s Top Good Reads

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Just recently I was going through my huge amount of books that I have saved for years, and decided to share my top 7 must have cookbooks & good reads.

I have over 200 cookbooks, and some my mother gave me which I must say are very unique. Among  these, she gave me a French book that has some very nice unique recipes. Of course most of the books are of Greek cuisine, and then I have my favorite good reads from a few friends of mine. Please take a moment to check out each short book description below.


Kouzounas Kitchen’s Top Cookbooks

Greek Pastries & Desserts- By Vefa Alexiadou

If you love Greek pastries, then this cookbook is for you! I brought this book with me the first time I went to Greece alone, and I was doing my internship from Le Cordon Bleu. You should check out the honey cookies, sour cherry syrup, and the tangerine cream sponge log. All of these recipes are amazing, and bravo to chef Vefa. Click on the photo below.



How To Roast A Lamb -By Michael Psilakis

If you love Greek fusion, and you want your taste buds dancing this book is for you. One of my favorite chefs who not only has passion for food, but he creates the best dishes with shortcuts. He uses fresh herbs and spices to create Greek delicacies. My top favorite recipes in this book are:

artichokes & potatoes, fried red mullet with lentils, and pasta with kima. I can go on and on with chef Psilakis recipes, but you should have a go at it  yourself. Click on the photo below.


Recipes From A French Herb Garden- By Geraldene Holt

A French cookbook filled with delightful Parisian recipes that range from savory to sweet. This is one of my first French cookbooks that I can truly say thank you to my mom for passing it down to me, because I learned the basics of French food. This book was published in 1989, when I was 6 years old. You can’t even find some of these recipes on the internet! My favorite all time savory recipe in this book is: ham in cream and herb sauce. My favorite dessert is: peach leaf custard.  Grab the book below.

Back To The Beginning- By Three Sisters

My mom bought this for me last year. Back To The Beginning is filled with Greek recipes that are from the Bakopoulos’s village in Greece. Sharing heart warming stories, photos, and great recipes. My favorite recipe that they share is: Leek pie filling, prasopita. Check out the book below.

Let’s Get On To Good Reads!! 

My wonderful friends Ekaterina & Effie have become the best authors in my eyes. Read below on their published books, and a little bit about them.

Ekaterina Botziou, you may have seen her name in my posts a few times, is a wonderful dear friend. She is the owner of the Greek Wives Club, and  author of three amazing books. I was lucky enough to read two out of the three books, and can I say.. AMAZING! Her first book is called Greek Expectations: The Last Moussaka Standing

This book is about growing up in a big Greek family, and it’s filled with lots of humor. Ekaterina is determined to not live like the stereotypical Greek woman. I give her book a million stars, and love it!!


Theseus & The Mother- In – Law 

Ekaterina is sharing her love for Greek mythology in her new book Theseus & The Mother- In- Law. You think you know Greek mythology do ya… well think again. Check out her book here >>

Ekaterina published her third book called Seraphina.

Seraphina, born into a world ravaged by the fires of war and hate, little Seraphina is forced into hiding after her mother and father are brutally murdered by the Order. Check out Ekaterina’s book >>



I came across cheffieskitchen.com not too long ago, and I am so happy I did. Effie is the owner of this blog, and she just published her first book called- Evanthia’s Gift. Please check out Effie’s book below, by clicking on the photo.

I hope you enjoyed Kouzounas Kitchen’s Good Reads, and if you happen to own any of these books please feel free to comment below.



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