Cookbook Giveaway!!

Oh I am soo very happy to share this news! As most of you have seen on Kouzounas Kitchen…. I came out with my first COOKBOOK!!! Yes, this is true and I managed to get it done in about two half months time. 🙂 I wanted to wait until my book was published on Amazon to chat about my first book, but I said what the heck why not write about it now. I couldn’t wait any longer, really.


Back To My Roots Cookbook. 

How did I start?

Most of you know that Kouzounas Kitchen derived from my yiayia Stavroula Kouzounas Kalapothakos. She has always been my inspiration to cook, and share recipes with the world. I wanted to share my yiayia’s recipes in a book, and after a few months of research and finding the right recipes, I decided to plunge into the author world. I did just that, and after two half months of long nights of writing and trying to photograph the right pictures, it was time to publish my very first cookbook.

What is the book about?

Explore traditional recipes from the villages of Greece. Some of the recipes I include are: Baklava, kourambiedes, keftedes, spanakorizo, spanakopita, and much more!!

I must say, I did self publish but I had lots of help on my side. Thank you to my wonderful friends for dealing with the editing/ photography/ recipes/ and more. (Athina, Gina, Pany, Eleni,Christine, Ekaterina, Cheryl, Diana, Stephen, Effie, Yvonne, Nestor, Kalapothakos Family, and many more.) I ended up selling over 80 pre order books, and a huge thank you to you all!!

Most of the books were sold in the USA, Canada, Ireland, Greece, UK, and other places. I decided to make a fun collage of some of my fellow food bloggers and friends who managed to snap a selfie with the book.


Thank you to the following food blogs for HUGE support. KickingBackThePebbles, CyTasty, FoodieWineLover, LD Juarez, The Olive Table, Cheffies Kitchen, The Greek Wives Club, KritsaYvonne Maltese Olive Oil, and many more!!




You can find some of these photos on social media under #BackToMyRoots.

To say Thank you to my fans for following us, I wanted to do a fun book giveaway!

 Back To My Roots Cookbook Giveaway


Open worldwide!!

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We will be tracking our pages, and please make sure you follow all the rules.  Winner will be picked on January 17 at 7 pm PST. Good Luck!!








  1. Hi there! I hope I did everything to enter. I thought I was already following you on all social media! So I went back and did so on instagram. I can’t see where to follow by email so I hope I am now entered! I would love love love this cookbook! Thanks dear!!

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