Pan-Roasted Chicken, Cabbage, and Potatoes (and a New Cookbook!)

Delicious Recipe By My friend Kathryn, owner of the Another Foodie Blogger Blog.

Roasted Chicken Cabbage & Potatoe Recipe


Pan-Roasted Chicken Cabbage and Potatoes Pan-Roasted Chicken Cabbage and Potatoes

I got my pin and traction device off this week, woohoo! Below is me showing my hand in all it’s glory right after the procedure. This physical therapy thing is sure taking up most of each day, though. Every hour I get the reminder alarm to do my therapy exercises, and depending on what round I’m doing, I look up and I only have a half hour before the next round. (I’m on short-term leave from work for a few weeks.) That sure doesn’t leave a lot of time for cooking and picture taking. But I managed to squeeze this dinner in between the “torture” last night.

Traction and Pin Off Traction and Pin Off

I saw this recipe on the Food52 website and figured it was quick and easy enough to pull off. Both me and my husband fell in love with the sauce! It’s the perfect combination…

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