Greek Easter

Hello beautiful friends!


We hope you have been enjoying your April so far. This Easter we are doing something a little different on the blog. Instead of sharing recipes here on Kouzounas Kitchen we decided to let our friends over at Windy City Greek take over. We have been a part of their special quarterly newsletters for a few years now, and this year we have contributed again for Greek Easter!


Windy City Greek not only shares delicious recipes but you can learn about Greek Orthodox Easter, as well as get some great inspiration for your Greek Easter festivities coming up. If you want to check out our FEATURED recipes skip to page # 52-54 and don’t forget to see our first cookbook featured on page #44. To read the full Pascha newsletter click on the picture below.

Picture credit to Windy City Greek

Thank you very much to Windy City Greek for including us in this 2019 Pascha issue! We hope you enjoy our featured recipes and would love to hear your thoughts. Happy early American and Greek Easter to you all.

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