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Vegan Bread Rolls

Happy weekend!! On today’s post I am sharing with you a NEW fluffy and super delicious vegan bread roll recipe. I am getting prepared for our Greek fasting soon, so… Read more Vegan Bread Rolls

Branching Out With New Recipes!!

Hi guys!! I am very happy that I mastered down a traditional Greek recipe, and turned it into a vegetarian dish. ( Due to fasting for over 3 half weeks… Read more Branching Out With New Recipes!!

Friday Menu : Healthy Shrimp Salad, Greek Lentils, & Fruit Platter.

Happy Friday!! Friday’s Menu is packed with three healthy recipes. Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend. ~Friday Menu~ Citrus Shrimp Salad (Appetizer) Ingredients: 1 pound of cooked, peeled, devained shrimp… Read more Friday Menu : Healthy Shrimp Salad, Greek Lentils, & Fruit Platter.

New Video On Youtube!!

I am very excited to announce that I posted our first video on YouTube. I would love to share this with all my WordPress friends, and viewers. The video is on Lagana Bread recipe, and this bread is made once a year on Clean Monday, at the start of Lent. Enjoy this video and please please comment, like and subscribe to my channel. I would also love for you to follow on our other social media websites at the links below. Thank you!! Follow Kouzounas Kitchen: Follow On Facebook:… Read more New Video On Youtube!!

Are you Fasting for Greek Easter..

Or Fasting for Lent? Well Today I am going to show you a few recipes that you can whip up in less then 30 minutes that are very tasty and easy to make. I am Greek Orthodox and every year I do fast and I am the only one that fast’s in my family. It is difficult at times to watch my family members eating a nice big steak or chicken marinated in lemon, herb sauce. Yummmm! I have succeeded, it has been 25 days for me and still going.… Read more Are you Fasting for Greek Easter..

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