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Mexican Breakfast Skillet — In the Kitchen with Mare

  Happy Wednesday! Today’s post is a special one because it is my first collaboration. I am excited to share that I collaborated with Chef Krystina of Kouzounas Kitchen. Krystina… Read more Mexican Breakfast Skillet — In the Kitchen with Mare

Health Talk

Okay so what do these 3 ingredients below have in common? Limes Kale Sweet potatoes Answer is: They all have an alkaline effect on your body. Meaning that they can strengthen your bones and help your body. The sad thing is, most people in this world eat foods with high acidic levels in them. So what can help us improve our diets? Shifting your body back into an alkaline zone. 1. Eat more veggies then fruits. 2. Reduce your soda in take or don’t drink soda at all. 3. Replace… Read more Health Talk

Foods from around the world poll.

Hello Sunday! What’s on everyone’s Sunday Plans? Cooking?? I thought it would be fun to do a Sunday poll. This poll is about foods from around the world. What is the craziest food you have ever tried and how did you like it??  

You got to check out this website!

I came across The Chive today and I was searching food art, and this popped up. Check it out. It’s actually pretty cool and talks about random foods, great photos and videos.

Very true. :)