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Fun Greek Facts!

Here are some fun Greek food facts below. Did You Know??? Phyllo dough is named after the greek word for “leaf”, being “as thin as a leaf”. A few well… Read more Fun Greek Facts!

Power Food!!

Saturday’s Food For Thought: Broccoli Rabe Broccoli Rabe pairs beautifully with bold ingredients like sausage, anchovy and hot pepper. Like other cabbage family members it’s packed with nutritious vitamins like; vitamin C, potassium, calcium and fiber as well as carotenoids and cancer-fighting indoles and isothiocyanates.   Health Benefits: The latest news with this power food is that it’s a cancer preventing potential. It holds a rich source of glucosinolates, which the body converts to cancer fighting sulforophanes and indoles. Studies have shown that these compounds are effective against stomach, lung, and colon cancers. … Read more Power Food!!


I had to share this with you all! How amazing is this? Really good idea for anyone who loves to cook. 🙂 What do you think of this idea? 

Fun & Interesting Facts In The Kitchen

Here are some fun facts about substituting ingredients in your kitchen!  Substituting Ingredients You all know it can be a pain in the butt when it comes to missing ingredients,… Read more Fun & Interesting Facts In The Kitchen

Thank you Rhett & Link!

I had to share this video with everyone. My boyfriend’s favorite people on the YouTube planet posted a interesting video about “The 6th Weirdest Christmas Traditions On Earth.” Guess what culture made one of the 6th traditions?? Enjoy this fun and interesting video. 🙂 Happy Holidays!! 

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