The Benefits of cooking with Coconut oil

Hi everyone! I was dreaming of coconut oil last night lol. I had to post about this because it was stuck in my head all night and this morning. I made a recipe last night with coconut oil and you can see that under recipes here on Kouzounas Kitchen. I was thinking of the benefits of coconut oil and soo many of my friends are into organic foods and such, so I wanted to introduce coconut oil & the benefits it gives to us.

Coconut oil is very versatile in taste, and you can make either sweet or savory dishes with it. The oil benefits from other oils because it doesn’t have trans fat or cholesterol. What I found facinating is when consuming regular amounts of coconut oil, can lead to ketone production, and the brain uses ketones as energy when glucose is not present, helping restore brain activity. Many athletes have been using coconut oil as fuel to lean their muscles. Read below for some great ideas when cooking with coconut oil.

Use in smoothies- to make a refreshing and tasteful shake.

When making popcorn, use it as a substitute for butter. Wayyy healthier

I like to brush the oil on fish/ chicken when baking.

Add it to your favorite vegetables or potatoes. Great when used in mashed potatoes.

Use in pastries/ cakes/ sweets.

Great in soups!!


(This is the actual coconut oil that I use at home.)



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