Art is everywhere!

I like to feature people on my blog who own their own companies and who are very artistic and creative. I just met one of these people at the Auburn Home & Garden Show.

Meet Diana Hiiesalu Bain who is a very artistic and creative person. She has a love and passion for Watercolor portraits, logo design, & sculptures. Her art work is amazing and I even checked her out on her official website and Facebook page and I was in awe when I saw her work. Great job Diana! If anyone would like to see her amazing art work please click on the following links below. Thank you

Next up is a very special person to me, and my awesome boyfriend. Nestor Zaharopoulos, who has been a photographer for a few years now. Nestor went to Photography school in Greece and graduated there. I know there are millions of photographers out there, but I see so much potential in Nestor’s work. He just recently became involved in time lapse photography. I was very shocked when he showed me his time lapse video that he took the other evening. I could actually see the sunset, and the stars evolve around the moon. It was very beautiful. If I can get a copy of that from him, I will sneak it into this post sometime. 🙂

Please check out his work at the link below.

I will leave you all with this quote by the lovely Aristotle. “The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.”



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    • kouzounaskitchen

      Hi Diana-
      Thank you for the reply. 🙂 Yes Nestor does a excellent job with his photos. He is usually our Photographer for my blog and for the Lavender. You are very sweet too. I haven’t done a whole article on you yet, but I will. Your website should have shown up, but I will double check. Thank you for the lovely comments. 🙂

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