Just finished a lovely bq dinner with my family & bf.

We came back from the lovely Yosemite. Yep, I got to see El Capitan, one of the worlds top rock climbing roots. I had to share some photos for you all. 


Why not try some bq corn like we did the past 3 days lol. Yeah we are in love with corn. 

Barbeque Corn On The Cob

5 heads of corn

light olive oil or butter

sprinkle of garlic salt

fresh ground pepper


Place corn on top of a foiled bq surface. Let the corn get very brown and slightly sprinkle a bit of garlic salt while cooking. When the corn is done, add some olive oil or butter to it and dress it with sea salt and ground pepper. Enjoy!

I even added the corn into my ceasar salad and really enjoyed that. 

– Cheers








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