What is your favorite Greek yogurt?

I had to ask this question:

What is your favorite Greek yogurt? I find it hilarious that the new craze is Greek yogurt. Every time I go grocery shopping, I see Greek yogurt everywhere. Today they were giving out Millers Greek raspberry yogurt by the case for free!!

So what is your very favorite brand and flavor?

What recipes do you like to incorporate Greek yogurt in?

Thank you!!






  1. I love plain with fresh strawberries on top!! 🙂
    On a sidenote: aaargh! I see this everywhere, in Greece too! Oh, the joys of marketing!… Be careful guys, if there’s no LAC (live and active culture) it’s NOT greek yogurt!! Look at the ingredients: corn starch? gelatin? in greek yogurt? really? Our grandmothers would be banging their heads on walls if they saw this!!… To give them credit, Millers does say greek “style” but there are brands (including greek ones) that don’t even do that! 😛


    • Kalimera Athina-
      I agree with you on this. When My bf and I saw all of these “Greek yogurts”, we said why do they call it Greek? Anyway, You are right. I worked for Dannon yogurt at Costco, and the taste of the yogurt was not even similar to the yogurt in Greece. Thanks for your feedback, and I love plain Greek yogurt too. You can use it in many recipes. 🙂


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