Smoke points of cooking oils.

I read an article the other day in a local magazine from Sacramento. I found this article very interesting and would like to share.

What temperature is there smoke point-

Cooking oils-

Unrefined Canola- 225 F

Unrefined Safflower- 225 F

Unrefined Corn- 320 F

Extra Virgin Olive- 320 F

Unrefined Peanut- 320 F

Semi- refined Safflower- 320 F

Semi- refined Canola- 350 F

Refined Canola- 400 F

Virgin Olive- 420 F

Grape Seed- 420 F

Peanut- 440 F

Refined Corn- 450 F

Refined Peanut- 450 F

Refined Safflower- 450 F

Extra Light Olive- 468 F

Soybean- 495 F

Safflower- 510 F

If you are one of those people who find their oven from smoking or burning due to oil, this list above might help.

– Cheers!




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