The Power of Yoga~ Featured Yogi Semina

I am so excited to share this post with you all. My dear friend Semina Pantazi agreed to come on Kouzounas Kitchen for a feature all about her yogi journey and passions. Follow us with a little q & a and maybe add some yoga to your daily exercise. 🙂

*I hope to catch up with Semina maybe this coming Summer since I haven’t seen her since 2010! 

If this picture doesn’t make you want to get in shape, I don’t know what would. 🙂 This photo was taken in Greece. Look at the beautiful sea so calm, and serene. 


Featured Yogi Semina Pantazi

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Q & A

1. How long have you been practicing yoga?
Yoga came into my life in 2007 when I and a friend of mine decided to attend local classes. Three years later I moved to England where I kept doing yoga in Brighton firstly and then in Southampton where my “ English journey “ finished I was a regular 6 days a week student. 
2. What inspired you to start the yoga path? 
Life! Like many people I didn’t exactly know what yoga was. I was in between of ‘some time to myself sitting down chanting “Aums” ‘ and ‘ I need to exercise a bit after having given birth to my first child’
3. Do you offer yoga classes? If so what type of yoga do you teach?
I teach Hatha in group classes private sessions and in a couple of private schools for children. For more information contact Semina here. (Contact)
4. Do you feel like most people should do yoga, and if so why?
Of course, I do think that everyone should! would of change the world. 
But not everyone is ready for that journey in a specific age nor time. 
 To do yoga is easy like doing any other gym class, but to actually do yoga is deep, is a change of your spiritual body, mental body, and physical body, therefore, a change of lifestyle, mindset and a change of reaction to the everyday life of the individual. 
5. For beginners like myself, what yoga do you recommend? 
Yoga for beginners.
There are a billion different styles of yoga in the western world. Go traditional. Hatha is more than enough for your first steps and whenever you feel ready you can have a look at your local studio and decide what you want to focus on or practice. 
6. Do you feel yoga is a mixture of mental and physical? 
Yes, a combination of mental, physical, and spiritual. 
7. Where do you reside?
On earth and this year in Greece. 
8. Is yoga a way of life or exercise solely?
Depending on the individual. Keep in mind that asanas (postures in Sanskrit) are one of the eight limbs of yoga. To me is all my life, the way I live my life, I treat my family, friends, and strangers.
9. Your favorite quote?
There are so many I love and relate to.
But the one I use daily to face everything is “ The universe knows what’s best for you even if you can’t see the bigger picture.”
10. Do you have any yoga instructor you look up to?
I do, there are 3 of my favorite teachers Jo Hogarty, Meeta and Fotini Dimitriou. 
Thank you so much to my dear friend Semina for joining us and sharing her passions! Don’t forget to follow Semina on her Instagram & Facebook page.

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**All photo rights to Semina Pantazi 2018.

“Give this world good energy.”


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