Happy Anniversary Kouzounas Kitchen!!

Happy Anniversary to my blog!

March 13th marks the 10-year anniversary of Kouzounas Kitchen. I honestly can’t believe we hit a decade already!

You may be wondering why I am absent on social media and not sharing any recipes for lent. There is a very good reason for this and please read on for more.

I didn’t post a dessert recipe for my 10-year anniversary because it has been hard for me with all that is going on. My beautiful fur kid, Cosmo was just diagnosed with either lymphoma cancer or inflammatory bowel disease. We won’t know exactly what he has until we either do an endoscopic procedure or ct scan and my vet told me to do the steroid route. Cosmo isn’t eating much, and he lost 20 pounds as of Tuesday when Marqueen last saw him. He is now on prednisone steroids, which I honestly don’t know was the best way to go. Dr. Brick his primary vet suggested this was the direction I take, and I will call her tomorrow to see what updates we have for Cosmo going forward.

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This news came as a HUGE shock because Cosmo was his normal happy self a few weeks ago. He is my best friend, and not just a dog a true companion. A companion that has been by my side almost for 9 years. He was born on June 10, 2014, and this little golden retriever fur ball is the biggest joy! He seriously loves everyone and anyone. Cosmo loves his dog walks, finding sticks everywhere, and just smiling. His beautiful golden eyes make me smile anytime I see him. Since I received the news on Tuesday, my heart has been broken. I really can’t focus on my work, or the new business I just launched. I need to get strong for my dog, and for my mental state. Instead of celebrating my blog, I want to celebrate Cosmo. I pray and hope that he has I.B.D. and not cancer. I created a PayPal fund page so this can help offset any medical bills we have coming our way. So far I already paid roughly 3,000 and it is still going. To be honest, I didn’t want to ask anyone for help, but I need to set that pride aside. I do need help, and I have helped people so many times I think I need to accept it is my time for help.

The problem is as a pet owner I find I keep asking myself if… Am I doing enough for my fur kid? Should I be doing more? Any pet owners out there experiencing this please reach out to me. Tomorrow I am joining a Zoom meeting for those who have dogs that are suffering from cancer. I hope I can find some advice from those on the call.

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Here is the link to the PayPal campaign.

I posted on Instagram the other day, and so many people opened up to me about their fur kids. I even had friends in the USA who are doctors’ help, and I thank you all.

I included the diagnosis paper here so you can view it. If you are a vet and have any advice please feel free to reach out to me.

Updates on Cosmo will be updated on my blog under the category “Cosmo” so please check in daily to see what is going on.

Thank you to everyone who has helped me in so many ways! We send our love to you all.

“I didn’t know there were empty places in my heart, until you came and filled them up.”

-Jane Lee Logan


Krystina, Cosmo, and Family

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