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Tag: A Drop of Ladi and My Greek Soul

Koulouri Thessalonikis & Toastaki Recipe

One of my favorite sandwiches to make ever is the Greek toast better known as “toastaki”. Basically, it is cheese, ham, and toast and then typically you would use the… Read more Koulouri Thessalonikis & Toastaki Recipe

Eliopita- Greek Olive & Herb Bread

Introducing one of my favorite Greek breads of all time. Packed with wonderful spices, and olives. Eliopita brings back many beautiful memories from Greece. I just remember dipping this bread… Read more Eliopita- Greek Olive & Herb Bread

Lahanodolmades -Greek Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

  This is a beautiful Greek stuffed cabbage roll recipe from my second cookbook A Drop of Ladi & My Greek Soul. I hope you enjoy it! I used red… Read more Lahanodolmades -Greek Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

Mini Pizzas- Pizzette

I am excited to share this delicious simple mini pizza dough recipe with you! In Italian these are called “”pizzettes” which means small pizza. I love these especially when I… Read more Mini Pizzas- Pizzette

Lavender Lemonade & Lavender Simple Syrup

Lavender lemonade for the win on a hot Summers day! Every Summer we wait for our beautiful lavender to bloom so we can harvest the crop, distill the oil, and… Read more Lavender Lemonade & Lavender Simple Syrup

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