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Greek Deviled Eggs Recipe

Happy day to you beautiful reader. I hope you had a good orthodox easter if you celebrated with us. Most of us have many eggs leftover from the celebration, and… Read more Greek Deviled Eggs Recipe

Strapatsada- Greek Scrambled Eggs

Hello foodie! I hope you are well, and cooking up a storm. Please read: Sometimes the computer doesn’t always work on our side. You may have received an old post… Read more Strapatsada- Greek Scrambled Eggs

Strapatsada~ Greek Egg Tomato Scramble

Every weekend I really enjoy cooking for my family and relaxing outside listening to the birds. One of our favorite childhood memories is sitting in Greece and enjoying a good… Read more Strapatsada~ Greek Egg Tomato Scramble

Keto-Friendly Spanakopita Frittata

Hello friends!! On today’s post, I’m sharing a keto recipe. Why Keto? Well, I have had a few friends ask me for keto-friendly recipes and thought sure why not? This… Read more Keto-Friendly Spanakopita Frittata

Dyeing Easter Eggs The Natural Way 

Greek Easter countdown!! Speaking of Greek Easter, how about your eggs?? Did you dye your eggs? I love the way our Easter eggs turned out this year! Better yet, it’s… Read more Dyeing Easter Eggs The Natural Way 

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