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Keto-Friendly Spanakopita Frittata

Hello friends!! On today’s post, I’m sharing a keto recipe. Why Keto? Well, I have had a few friends ask me for keto-friendly recipes and thought sure why not? This… Read more Keto-Friendly Spanakopita Frittata

Dyeing Easter Eggs The Natural Way 

Greek Easter countdown!! Speaking of Greek Easter, how about your eggs?? Did you dye your eggs? I love the way our Easter eggs turned out this year! Better yet, it’s… Read more Dyeing Easter Eggs The Natural Way 

How To Make Fresh Pasta (No Pasta Machine)

Happy 6 years to Kouzounas Kitchen! Thank you so much to all you beautiful people for following. We look forward to sharing new recipes in 2019 and hope you enjoy.… Read more How To Make Fresh Pasta (No Pasta Machine)

Strapatsada~ Greek Egg Tomato Scramble

  Strapatsada~ Kagianas ~Greek Egg Scramble This is a very popular dish in many parts of Greece but I am taking it back to my families region of Mani. Some… Read more Strapatsada~ Greek Egg Tomato Scramble

Fluffiest Scrambled Eggs (1 Serving)

Hello beautiful foodies! I am so sorry it has been quiet on the blog. I just got back from my Greece and London trip. I can not wait to talk… Read more Fluffiest Scrambled Eggs (1 Serving)

Weekend Dessert~ Creme Caramel

Happy weekend foodies! Weekends call for delicious sweets. Do you agree?? Enjoy from Kouzounas Kitchen to your kitchen. 🙂 Creme Caramel Recipe   Servings: 6 Ingredients: Caramel sauce 1/2 cup of… Read more Weekend Dessert~ Creme Caramel

Dying Easter Eggs The Natural Way 

Happy happy Thursday. We are just days away from one of my favorite celebrations. Well first, it’s my birthday on Saturday. I’m turning 21… hahaha joking! 🙈🙈 I won’t even… Read more Dying Easter Eggs The Natural Way 

Spinach Feta Quiche Recipe

It’s all about my sister’s favorite quiche today!! I must say I miss my sister dearly, as she no longer lives near us. She has a 1-year-old baby boy, my… Read more Spinach Feta Quiche Recipe

Kalo Pasxa, Happy Easter!

Happy Happy Easter to everyone!!! I wish you the best Easter Sunday with your family and friends. I am sharing a few pictures of all the food I made. I went a little overboard. 🙂 Spanakopita, Tiropita, Basil & Garlic Hummus, tsoureki, Koulourakia, Baklava, Rosemary Potatoes, and of course our meat is barbecuing now.

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