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Tag: How To Make Tsoureki

Koulourakia & Tsoureki (Baking Tips & Tricks)

Happy Sunday! We are a week away from orthodox easter, and everyone is baking. We are all making tsoureki and koulourakia now, and I want to share my tips and… Read more Koulourakia & Tsoureki (Baking Tips & Tricks)

Tsoureki Round 2

Hello friends! I hope you are enjoying your Thursday. Guess what I made the past few days?? Sourdough starter!! This has been an exciting and also long journey because making… Read more Tsoureki Round 2

Tsoureki Greek Easter Bread Recipe

Tsoureki- Greek Easter Bread is very time consuming! You have to make sure the dough rises three or four times before you even get to the oven. So if you… Read more Tsoureki Greek Easter Bread Recipe