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Featured Recipe Thursday

Good evening Thursday!! You know what day it is!! 🙂 Thank you to Dan for this lovely recipe! I  made this recipe tonight for dinner and my family loved it!… Read more Featured Recipe Thursday

Stuffed Mini Peppers Recipe

Happy Monday to you all! I must apologize for my absence on WordPress. I will admit I owe everyone a Sunday’s Crazy Ingredient Recipe. This past weekend has been slammed for me, I drove to the Bay Area to work an event as the event coordinator/ manager. I want to thank my friend Charmaine Drona for helping me set up and enjoying the event. In this post I will be sharing two recipes!! I must say this cold weather we are having in Sacramento calls for a warm dish. How… Read more Stuffed Mini Peppers Recipe

Featured Recipe Thursday- Healthy Recipe

Today’s featured recipe is a unique and healthy must try recipe. This recipe is created by Angelique from South Africa. Thank you Angelique for this great recipe! This recipe can go great with meat, salads, and really good on bread. Featured Recipe Thursday White Bean Spread Recipe Ingredients: 2 cups of cannelloni beans soaked overnight in 6 cups of water 2 bay leaves 2 bunches of fresh basil 1 tablespoon of freshly squeezed lime juice 2 garlic cloves minced 1 teaspoon of cumin 1 teaspoon of paprika 1 teaspoon of sea… Read more Featured Recipe Thursday- Healthy Recipe

Three different recipes, all for your weekend plans.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!! I love butternut squash so I wanted to share this excellent appetizer with you. Friday Menu- Butternut Squash with arugula greens. (Appetizer) Ingredients: 2… Read more Three different recipes, all for your weekend plans.

Featured Recipe Thursday!

Thursday is here and you know what that means!! Thank you to Angela from Boston for this yummy Greek recipe. This shrimp pasta recipe is sure to impress your family… Read more Featured Recipe Thursday!