~Spinach, mango, avocado and coconut breaded shrimp salad. ~

Happy first day of spring to you all!!! I hope you are enjoying your day or evening. (Where ever you may be in the world.) 🙂

This recipe is similar to the one I posted yesterday except it has coconut breaded shrimp added to it and a light lime-garlic dressing. Please enjoy and it is a great recipe to make on a warm day when you are having a barbeque. 🙂 (Show off with your loved ones or to some friends.)



1/4 cup fresh lime juice

2 tbsps fresh cilantro (chopped)

3 tbsps extra virgin olive oil

1 tbsps honey

1 clove of garlic minced

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 tsp crushed red pepper

10 – shrimp (depending on how many people you have you can buy more shrimp)

1 1/2 cups tomato (cherry tomatoes sliced)

1 cup avocado (peeled, then sliced long ways.)

3/4 cup mango (peeled, then sliced long ways or you can dice it)

1/2 cup  chives

5 ozs fresh spinach 

1/4 cup of coconut

1/2 cup panko crumbs

1 egg beaten


Combine the first 7 ingredients in a bowl and whisk together.

Peel the shrimp and leave the tails on and PLEASE make sure you de vain the shrimp. Then place shrimp in a bowl and set aside.

Next add your coconut and panko crumbs together on one plate. Beat the egg and set aside in a bowl. Take maybe 3 shrimp at a time and soak it in your egg mix. Then place your shrimp in the crumb mix. You want to cover the shrimp pretty good on each side so when you fry them in the pan it will get nice and golden brown. Repeat that until you have all shrimp covered in the panko crumbs.

Have your pan on medium heat with olive oil,  and once your pan is ready, set a few shrimp inside and make sure you get them to a golden brown color. Make sure to line a plate with a paper towel so you drain out the olive oil. Set your shrimp aside.

To prepare your mangoes, and avocados, I like to make my dish look pretty. So I julienne both the fruits. ( Julienne means to cut into long thin strips.) After you do this, dice your tomatoes.

Have your plates ready, and take a handful of spinach and place it on the plate. Try to create some height with the spinach, then add your avocados, mangoes, tomatoes and chives. Next place about 3 – 4 shrimp on top of your plate. Add your fresh lime juice on top of your shrimp. If needed add salt and pepper. You can finish it off with some fresh parsley. Enjoy and KALI OREXI!!



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