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Easy Nutella snack

Okay lets all admit that Nutella is amazing!!! I love Nutella on many recipes but my favorite is with ice cream or marshmallows. Have you ever tried making a nutella smore?


Nutella Smore Recipe



Pack of graham crackers

Pack of marshmallows- I like the extra big kind

nutella melted


  Grab a few skewers and place one marshmallow on each skewer. Brown the marshmallows in the oven, or on the bq. Set aside. Place your graham crackers on a baking sheet, and then heat your nutella in the mic for a few seconds, until melted. 

Next turn your oven on to about 350 degrees. Dip your marshmallow into the nutella and place in the middle of your graham cracker. Then heat in the oven until the graham cracker turns a bit brown. 


Enjoy and Kali orexi!Image



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  • tiinamzh

    i guess most of the people are addicted to nutella like me . mother of chocolates! it is just the best thing people can have all the time either you are sad , happy , really depressed, angry , any feelings can be solved only by nutella:) it is just so yummy and addictive! beside nutella crepe , nutella and peanut butter together are also so damn delicious! you should try and see,

    • kouzounaskitchen

      hank you for stopping by! Yes Nutella, is amazing! You can use it in almost a million recipes. living in Greece I came to appreciate nutella crepes. I love them. I also love the peanut butter and nutella mix. I will be posting more recipes on nutella. Stay tuned. Thanks for the comments 🙂 – Cheers

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