Behind The Greek Apron Episode 1

We welcome you to listen to our NEW podcast “Behind The Greek Apron” podcast! The first episode is available only on Spotify but we are working on this to make it available on other platforms. For this reason, I linked the actual episode here for you to click and listen to.



Hello and welcome!

In our first episode, we will discuss how Behind The Greek Apron started, discuss our food blogs, our favorite Greek recipes, and more. In between the breaks we share some of our favorite Greek music too.

We discuss the best place for pork is by far in the Peloponnese region! Check out this guide for more.

How to pronounce GYRO the right way!


Do not pronounce the G rather pronounce it as if it was spelled with a Y. 🙂


Music credits to:

The Athenians “Topkapi”

Glykeria “Kaneis Edo Den Tragouda”



We hope you enjoy our podcast!

Geia sas,

Krystina & Sophie


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