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Tsoureki with Cardamom & Nutella Filling

Greek Easter is coming April 28th and that means I need to get my tsoureki ready to go! I know we technically have 2 months to prepare but hey I… Read more Tsoureki with Cardamom & Nutella Filling

Chocolate Salami Recipe

Happy Tuesday my friends! I hope your week is way warmer than what we are having. We just got 10 inches of snow in Pollock Pines, and I am slowly… Read more Chocolate Salami Recipe

Athens Phyllo Products: Review

Hello foodies!! On today’s post I am going to talk about Athens Phyllo products and share some new recipes with you. I was lucky enough to collaborate with Athens Phyllo… Read more Athens Phyllo Products: Review

Valentine’s Day Desserts

Happy Valentine’s Day you love birds out there. Wishing you all a wonderful day filled with love and happiness. Here’s two quick and easy Valentine’s day dessert recipes that you… Read more Valentine’s Day Desserts

Valentine’s Day Dessert

Hello all you beautiful people!! My favorite time of the year is coming up, and that means I am going to be sharing some new recipes with you.   Valentine’s… Read more Valentine’s Day Dessert

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