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Deconstructed Orange Mousse Cheesecake Recipe

  Deconstructed Orange Mousse Cheesecake I get many questions for simple dessert recipe ideas; especially ones that are easy to make and beautiful. Deconstructed orange mousse cheesecake came to mind… Read more Deconstructed Orange Mousse Cheesecake Recipe

Lockdown Lavender Wine Jelly Recipe

Hello beautiful friends!! On today’s post, I am sharing something different with yall. My beautiful friend from Cyprus who happens to be the face behind The Wine Scribble blog and… Read more Lockdown Lavender Wine Jelly Recipe

The World Lost A Great Chef

Just got wind of some horrible news a few days ago. Chef Tony Van Rees, a wonderful chef and friend who believed in me recently passed away. He didn’t have any health issues, as far as I know. He always had a big smile on his face, no matter what. Shocked.. This is the word that comes to my mind when I think about chef Tony. He just emailed me a few days prior to his passing, inquiring about my spices and teas. It doesn’t seem real that he is… Read more The World Lost A Great Chef

~Super Green Energy Smoothie~

World Cup is here!! My favorite sport of all time!! This year the World Cup is taken place in beautiful Brazil. What team do you want to see take the win?? My team of course is Greece and I am really hoping for a win against Japan coming up this Thursday. LET’S GO HELLAS!! Check out this super charge smoothie drink for people who need a pre- work out boost. My family and I are dieting for our vacation coming up in Hawaii, and we only have two weeks to… Read more ~Super Green Energy Smoothie~

Food Challenges….

Cinnamon challenge, marshmallow challenge, wasabi challenge, and now healthy smoothie challenge. I am sure you all have seen these crazy challenges on YouTube or Vine, but have you tried any of them?? I wanted to let my family be the first to try my healthy smoothie challenge. They were brave enough to par take in this fun challenge, and no I didn’t put any crazy ingredients in their smoothies. Thank you to my mom, sister, and Jehrus for being a part of this challenge. Super Charge Smoothie Ingredients: A handful… Read more Food Challenges….

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