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Featured Recipe Thursday: Greek Style Orange Marmalade

I remember my yiayia use to make really good marmelatha portokali, which translates to orange marmalade. We use to eat this by the spoonful or have it on toast in the mornings. I would like to share with you a super tasty recipe from New Mexico.  Thank you very much to Anita P. for this yummy recipe. Greek Style Orange Marmalade Ingredients: 2 Naval oranges 3 Lemons 1 Cup sugar Directions: Rinse off the oranges and lemons, and then in a medium size pot filled with water, boil for about… Read more Featured Recipe Thursday: Greek Style Orange Marmalade

Valentine’s Day Friday Menu Pinterest Style

Happy Valentine’s Day! How about a Pinterest Valentine’s Day Friday Menu?! Thank you to Pinterest and the lovely recipes you see below.  Valentine’s Day Friday Menu   Avocado Crema Over Shrimp Appetizers   Filet Mignon With Herb Butter Main   Raspberry White Chocolate Mousse Dessert   Share this menu with your loved ones!!!         

Happy Sunday!

I am calling out to my WordPress friends and viewers. Okay I have a huge favor to ask of all of you. It involves just clicking on a picture and liking it.    My boyfriend entered into a contest for the best pumpkin on Slickdeals. Help him win 1st place by clicking on the link below and liking the picture, and sharing it to your social media! Thank you everyone!!!   Happy Happy Sunday! Good Luck to Nestor Z Photography!!

I wanted to share this contest with everyone.

This contest is held by Whole Foods and they have a few contests going weekly. I just entered my stuffed mushrooms recipe, and I think anyone who loves to cook with white wine, would enjoy this contest. Check it out and why not submit your favorite recipe. 🙂 * Contest ends on July 14th 11:59 pm ET, so you have a few days to submit a recipe.  Good luck!!!