The Benefits Of Pumpkins

Happy Saturday and yes the weekend is here!!

Saturday’s Food For Thought:

This low-calorie squash is rich in potassium and loaded with beta-carotene and full with antioxidants.

Pumpkins have tons of fiber in them along with Vitamin A as well.

Did you know….

A 1-cup serving of pumpkin puree supplies 3.4 grams of iron, a mineral that helps keep you from getting sick.

Not only pumpkins are great for carving, but they are very beneficial to our bodies.

Happy Saturday!!



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  1. I did not know that pumpkins had so many health benefits! I just wrote a post about foods that contain vitamins that help your skin and hormonal acne. Pumpkins could be another one of those foods as they contain Vitamin A and Beta-Carotene which are beneficial in helping skin and preventing acne breakouts.

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