DIY Freddo Cappuccino Recipe (Dairy Free)

Apologies to my readers for being absent, but work and our new house has me super busy. I can not wait to share some photos of my new kitchen. Let me just say that I will never go back to an electric stove top. 🙂


Let’s get on to the freddo cappuccino recipe!!

Just picture sitting on the beach while looking at the beautiful blue sea in Greece, and sipping on an iced cold coffee drink. Doesn’t that sound like the perfect day?

**I know that a typical freddo cappuccino is made with milk, but some of you may not be able to consume dairy, so I made this a dairy free recipe.

DIY Freddo Cappuccino Recipe (Dairy Free)




  1. Prepare your hot espresso in a small cup.
  2. Add sugar if you like.
  3. Place espresso in a martini glass, with the ice cubes. ( 3 ice cubes)
  4. Use your frother, and froth the espresso and sugar until you get about 1/4 of froth on top.
  5. Pour the espresso in a glass. Making sure the foam is on top.
  6. Next froth the coconut or almond milk in the martini glass. (Yes both will froth up very nicely.)
  7. Pour the froth over the top of the espresso and add a touch of cinnamon over the top.

Kali Orexi 



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