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Tag: In The Kitchen

Friday Desserts (Panna Cotta- Affogato- & Ice cream)

Happy Friday!  I have three delicious dessert recipes for your weekend plans!!! Can I say that panna cotta is by far one of my favorite Italian desserts ever?! I finally… Read more Friday Desserts (Panna Cotta- Affogato- & Ice cream)

Tasty Cashew Butter- Ready In Minutes

I’m super excited to share this recipe with you all.  I have been waiting to make my delicious cashew butter for a while, and finally yesterday I had the chance… Read more Tasty Cashew Butter- Ready In Minutes

Santorini Vegetarian Keftedes

Happy weekend from Kouzounas Kitchen!! I received some lovely feedback on my last post on Vegetarian Keftedes. Some of my favorite food bloggers had the chance to try my recipe,… Read more Santorini Vegetarian Keftedes

Ouzo Frosting

Happy American Easter to all who celebrate today!! We are waiting to celebrate Greek Easter which actually falls on May 1st this year. I have been fasting for over two… Read more Ouzo Frosting

The Perfect Hollandaise Sauce

My all-time FAVORITE breakfast is eggs, Benedict. You can enjoy it so many different ways, with the delicious Hollandaise sauce dripping down the side of the muffin!! My mouth is… Read more The Perfect Hollandaise Sauce

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