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Tag: Kouzounas Kitchen Recipes

Delicious Greek Easter Cookies

Koulourakia~ Greek Easter Cookies The best Greek buttery cookies that are scented with orange zest and ouzo. Give this simple recipe a try for Greek Easter and your family will… Read more Delicious Greek Easter Cookies

Heart Healthy Green Smoothie

Here’s to 2020! A new year, a new start. Here’s a chance to start off the year with a healthy and tasty green smoothie. HEART HEALTHY GREEN SMOOTHIE Ingredients: 1/2… Read more Heart Healthy Green Smoothie

Beet Root Raviolis (Handmade Dough)

I am sharing a YUMMY simple beetroot ravioli recipe. You do not need a pasta machine, although it will cut your time shorter in the kitchen if you want to… Read more Beet Root Raviolis (Handmade Dough)

Greek Freddo Cappuccino

I wish I was saying hello from Greece, but not yet. 🙂 I have been craving a Greek freddo cappuccino for many many months and missing that! Summer is upon… Read more Greek Freddo Cappuccino

Delicious 3 Layer Cheesecake

Summer is coming and that means fresh Summer produce is on the way!! I love strawberries and can’t wait to pick our fresh strawberries from the garden. For mother’s day,… Read more Delicious 3 Layer Cheesecake

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