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Greek Orzo Salad Recipe

  Greek Orzo Salad Recipe One of my all-time favorite Greek salad recipes. It’s basically a Greek salad, with a twist. 🙂 Ingredients:  Orzo 1 1/2 cup (You can do… Read more Greek Orzo Salad Recipe

Holiday Spiced Pomegranate Liqueur

It’s time to enjoy this delicious Fall liqueur that will have your taste buds kicking. Holiday spiced pomegranate is the perfect liqueur to enjoy for Thanksgiving, or even Christmas. Enjoy… Read more Holiday Spiced Pomegranate Liqueur

Hellas Farms~ Unique Greek Products

I love doing product reviews, especially Greek product reviews!! On today’s post, I will be talking about Hellas Farms two very unique products. (Greek pistachios, and tuvunu, Greek mountain refreshing drink. Hellas Farms~ Greek Pistachios… Read more Hellas Farms~ Unique Greek Products

Greek Style Potatoes: Three Different Recipes 

Greek Style Potatoes Three Different Recipes     Greek Mashed Potatoes: Skordalia Ingredients:  1 pound of potatoes 8 garlic cloves, minced Pink Himalayan sea salt Pinch of oregano Ground pepper… Read more Greek Style Potatoes: Three Different Recipes 

First Cookbook Signing- June 11

  Back To My Roots Cookbook Signing 6/11/16- (6 to 8 PM)- Cork It Again Wine Seller Join us Saturday June 11th from 6- 8 PM for Kouzounas Kitchen Greek… Read more First Cookbook Signing- June 11

Lavender Creme Brulee 

For the recipe I incorporated my family’s organic fresh dried lavender to this recipe which gives it such a nice flavor. To prep for this prior to making the recipe,… Read more Lavender Creme Brulee 

My Favorite Coffee: Nespresso

Some of you may know already, but those who do not, I am a HUGE Nespresso fan!! I wish I accepted the brand ambassador position with Nespresso a few years… Read more My Favorite Coffee: Nespresso

Ouzo Frosting

Happy American Easter to all who celebrate today!! We are waiting to celebrate Greek Easter which actually falls on May 1st this year. I have been fasting for over two… Read more Ouzo Frosting

Cabbage & Spinach Saute (Perfect Lent Recipe)

Hello from Kouzounas Kitchen!! On today’s post I will share a simple yet tasty lent recipe with you. I must say, I have been very creative the past few weeks… Read more Cabbage & Spinach Saute (Perfect Lent Recipe)

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